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The Mini Dreamer™ is a smart, powerful, and easy-to-use cold-air diffuser system with a built-in 24-hour battery backup ON/OFF timer and Bluetooth control.


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    So far so good! The mini Dreamer does put out a great amount of scent! I am loving it!

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    Great fragrance

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    Easy to use and solid build quality. Took less than 5 minutes to unpack and set up.

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The Mini Dreamer™ is a smart, powerful, and easy-to-use cold-air diffuser system with a built-in 24-hour battery backup ON/OFF timer. Perfect for numerous fragrance and odor control applications in extra-large areas and ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. The Mini Dreamer™ uses ultra-fine atomizing technology to scent your space in an environmentally friendly way, producing the highest quality of fragrance.

Bluetooth Technology Connect the Mini Dreamer™ to your smartphone for complete control over your home fragrance experience. Release fragrance on-demand or on a schedule. Adjust the intensity levels to your desire. Excellent for use in commercial buildings, large homes, showrooms, lobbies, banquet halls, casinos, hospitals, and so much more.

Coverage for larger spaces.


  • Easy wall-mount installation
  • Bluetooth controlled
  • Based on room temperature diffusion
  • Safe, reliable, effective
  • Non-particles allow immediate atomization for a long-lasting effect
  • Auto operation mode
  • Built-in Output and ON/OFF control settings
  • Covers up to 2000 square feet

*Fragrances are sold separately

An empty cleaning bottle will be provided with your purchase. *Alcohol for cleaning is NOT INCLUDED.

Keep the diffuser vertical. Diffusers tilted or laid flat may cause the oil to overflow. The efficiency of the diffuser may be affected.

The diffuser must also remain upright when changing fragrance oils. Tilt or turn the diffuser will cause oil leakage, causing damage to the diffuser.

We recommend flushing your diffuser by diffusing isopropyl alcohol through the system for at least 2-3 minutes before using a different fragrance.

For optimal performance, we recommend only using Phoenicia Essence fragrance with our diffusers.

Additional specified hardware screws included. If mounting, please use this specified hardware.

For Exo/Exo Mini products, remove backplate prior to mounting and mount directly to wall using screws we provide. DO NOT use sticky tape to mount device on the wall. Please use additional specified hardware.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please reach out to

How do I know what diffuser is right for my space?

Each diffuser has unique coverage capabilities and features. Some diffusers are portable while others are Bluetooth capable. Please view the individual Diffuser Product Page for more information on diffuser specs.

How do your diffusers work?

In two words, cold diffusion. Cold-air diffusers use a heat-free mechanism to disperse fragrance. This preserves the delicate compounds found in our essential oil blends, delivering an ultrapure, highly concentrated scenting experience.

Do I need to dilute my fragrance oil with water?

No, never add water. Our diffusers utilize ultra-fine atomizing technology that creates a very fine mist that leaves no residue and does not need to be diluted using water or additional solvents beforehand.

What is a cold-air nebulizing diffuser?

With cold diffusion, oils stay in their original, concentrated form. The oil molecules are nebulized, meaning they are split into thousands of easy-to-breathe, tiny particles.

Using cold air diffusion is by far the most effective way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The scent distribution is consistent and customizable, and the fragrance intensity is just right.

As an added benefit, the fragrance structure is maintained during cold diffusion because the oil is diffused all at once. Lower quality diffusers tend to release scents in layers, with the lightest components followed by heavier molecules.

How do I connect my diffuser to the Bluetooth app?

Please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Phoenicia Essence app. This application will allow you to program your diffuser and adjust output settings.

  1. Turn on your diffuser
  2. Open the Scent Marketing App
  3. Find your diffuser on the list of available Bluetooth devices
  4. Enter the password. The default password is 8888
  5. After you enter the password, press Login
  6. Adjust schedule and output as desired

The app will allow you to change the run schedule, add multiple start and stop times, and change the days of operation. When you are finished making changes, press the save button to save your settings.

Supported Devices:

  • Amazer Bluetooth
  • Amazer Plus
  • Amuzer
  • EXO/EXO Mini
  • OfficeMate

*For the best user experience, we recommend running the most updated operating system on your smart device.

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